Judy Small – Avaplus receives  SASI award for her tireless work and contribution to the Industry.

Judy was awarded the SASI award in 2015 for her tireless work and contribution to the Industry.
SASI – stands for Selfless Acts that Support the Industry, and nobody has embodied that philosophy this year more than Judy.
Judy has worked tirelessly to not only assist in improving the industry but also to improve herself in order to improve the industry.


Avaplus recieves the Sasi Award


Jodie said,

“I have watched Judy blossom over the course of the last year, and in doing so she has given back to the industry with all the knowledge and skills that she has gained.”

Jodie Coomber Digital Divas

Judy has worked on projects that support the VA industry as a whole, with no thought of gain or self-promotion, but just simply to help. And boy has she helped!

Jodie continues 

“It is for people like Judy that this award was initially incepted, and it is with great pleasure that I award it to her this year. I can’t think of a worthier winner and ambassador for the SASI Award.”

Avaplus Quality Business Program

Avaplus in the top 5 Business to be awarded the Quality Business Program badge

Avaplus has been approved as the most recent Quality Approved Virtual Business in the

The Australian Association for Virtual Industry Professionals, Ltd (A.A.V.I.P.) runs an elite accreditation program, the Quality Virtual Business Program, which is the first of its kind worldwide, as it links quality directly to virtual business practices.

[insert your business name], a leading online business [insert your service class] firm, is proud to announce that it is among the select few first businesses in Australia to have the honour of bearing the seal of the A.A.V.I.P. Quality Accreditation Program.

AAVIP Quality Virtual Business Program.

Following a structured and intense process, we have been audited and found to be conformed to the defined quality standards and benchmarks that have been set by the leaders of our industry.

We are excited at achieving this prestigious award and as a result, you can be confident in obtaining one of the highest quality virtual services in Australia.

In addition, by participating in the quality program we have demonstrated to our community the lengths we will go to continue to develop a higher level of professionalism in service delivery.