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How A High-Quality Business will turn your business and thinking right around!

Let’s face it to run a virtual home based, business has its challenges. There is so much to think of and many details that we need to have in place to ‘get things right’.

There are policies, procedures and many wheels in the background that keep the essentials of our business in place and safe for our consumers.

Taking up so much of our time chasing forms and paper work and all the bits and pieces involved often leave us feeling like we really need help.

Chasing our tail with paper work holds us back from pursuing what we do best in delivering the best and safest service to our consumers.

So how can we do this?

How can we keep abreast of what the essentials and non-essentials are in running our business and keeping abreast of High Quality in our Services?


How can we stay ahead?
how can we stay ahead

If you are a qualified high-quality business. Then staying ahead of unforeseen probabilities that can trip us up and hold us back from ‘achieving our end goal’ will become a seamless task. It can be that tiny little-unfinished start that rolls into a mountain of problems. Or time consuming variables down the track.

Avaplus has completed the Quality Business Programme.    We are now running our Transcription Services and operating at a virtual Business level with much more success.   We strongly recommend this program.  The Quality Business Program is essential if you are starting your Business, or contemplating starting your own Virtual or home-based business.

Invest in your business by taking up this Quality Business Programme. Remember you are not qualifying yourself or your staff.  You are qualifying your Business to run at a higher level of excellence and reliability.

Avaplus has definitely gained momentum by doing the quality business programme.


Our clients at Avaplus have a safeguard in place.   Practising high quality standards giving us more assurance that as a virtual business we can still provide the necessary value and protocols, they would expect from a subcontractor.

Marketing escalates:

When people are researching you and your business, they will discover there is a double standard of excellence on which they can rely. They will know that, not only have they checked out the Virtual Assistant running and working in the business but, they can see the business they are engaging is Quality endorsed. Not just displayed in our QBP logo but the way we do Business.

Business Growth

The confidence in the freedom which Avaplus has gained through the Audit of the Quality Business Program has been achieved through the efficient streamlining of those necessary tasks that can hold us back or keep us double checking. Instead, we can focus on engaging our clients in a smooth transition to helping our clients achieve what they need through our services.

The process of the audit can feel a little daunting and eye-opening at the time.

Outcomes for Avaplus

Before Avaplus approached the last few steps of the Quality Programme and receiving QBP badge, the business has grown. We are now closing the deal with clients at a faster rate than we have before. Why? Because we now have the confidence we didn’t have before.

My Outcomes

I continue to confidently take ownership of my business practices.  High Quality Business practice assists in attending to those loose ends. Ensuring that Avaplus has the protocols set in place that is so necessary.

I am now able to connect with other proud business owners who are also taking this important step in their business and network on a different level.

Is this for your business?

check out the Quality Buisness Programme

Quality Virtual Business Program

To find out WHY you should do a Quality Audit on your business.

follow this link

What Does AAVIP Quality Approved Virtual Program Mean to Clients

How to convert your busines to a Quality Business

Please contact Australian Association for Virtual Professionals (AAVIP)

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