Judy has been transcribing for me over the last few years. By using Avaplus I have saved money because their systems allow a great workflow and they deliver on budget. Judy will spend time with her clients ensuring they have quality, good turn around and what they need for a great price. Being a Transcriptionist myself I enjoy the collaboration and work we can achieve together

Jodie Coomber Digital Divas

I have worked with Judy Small for several years and have been very happy with her work. She has transcribed a lot of audio files for me which has been a great help in putting my e-books and autobiography together. I would highly recommend Judy’s work.

Mary Anne Waldren MAW Action

Judy is my ‘go-to’ expert when it comes to transcription. She worked alongside me throughout last year on a huge book project I was writing for publication, and I found her meticulous, organised approach to her transcription services, frankly, invaluable. If Judy hadn’t been so adept at typing the audio memoirs and categorising certain parts of the audio to make it easier for me to write the book, I’d still be halfway through. And, she’s a delight to work with. I had a great time collaborating with her, and would do it again. Authors, ghost writers and biographers, do yourself a favour and tap into Judy Small’s services.

Lucy Baker Lucy

Judy has been transcribing for me for a few years now and I recommend her transcriptions services. I find Judy is reliable and efficient, keeping me informed of the status of work she is doing…”

Paula Wynyard Wynyard Business Solutions

Since early 2014 it has been my great fortune to work with Judy as fellow Board members for the Australian Association of Virtual Industry Professionals (AAVIP). Judy stands out for her willingness and determination to quietly keep all the administrative tasks moving ahead. She readily volunteers to take on tasks and will always find a way to get them done quickly and efficiently. On tasks where I’ve been co-assigned, Judy has completed what I consider to be all the ‘heavy lifting’ and I’ve only had to perform final review and minor tweaks. If you are looking for someone to “get the job done” Judy is the person you are looking for. Judy truly is an asset to any team and an absolute pleasure to work with”.

Robbie Hutchins Miracle Worker