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Social Media – Facebook for Business – A Revolution!!!

In the present day, there could only be a handful of people in business, who are not aware of the existence of the popular social networking site Facebook for their Business and Social Media. It is one of those sites that created a huge impact globally soon after it was launched and today, almost every individual visits this website at least once a day. While the statistics in each country may vary, it is evident that the social networking sites have influenced the life of plenty of people worldwide in different ways. With the popularity of Facebook, of the site hitting its peak, companies have started to make use of this social networking site as a way for branding and advertising purposes.

For a business that is looking at reaching out to a greater target audience, this would definitely not just be a good choice to consider but has become a MUST in its popularity. Facebook has managed to generate in a very short while. As per the statistics provided by a source, there currently over 14 million active users in Australia alone. This huge number in itself is the sign of not just the kind of potential Facebook holds in the world of advertisement and social media promotion, but how business has, and are wisely moving their successful marketing strategies by making use of the interactive advantages of Facebook in its Social Media Marketing.

Facebook has become more user-friendly over the time, and this has established a more efficient way of conducting business, marketing business and overall use this Social media. Of course, we know that any time-saving device or medium in business = $ signs to our profit margin.

Responsibilities of using Facebook in your Social Media.

As with everything we market in our business, there is responsibilities and awareness that we need to take into consideration. I have come across a very interesting article from the Advertising Standards Bureau and have included a section of their blog in Understanding digital and social Media Marketing addressing Compliance with Code breach determinations.

Compliance with Code breach determinations

A successful self-regulation system relies on the goodwill of advertisers. Responsible advertisers will ensure they are aware of the standards for advertising and, if they have complaints about one of their advertisements upheld, will ensure that the affected advertising or marketing material is removed promptly. The advertising, self-regulation system has a compliance rate of almost 100% (98.7% in 2013). The social media environment is no different to traditional media regarding compliance expectations. Facebook too is supportive of ensuring advertising and marketing content meets relevant Australian standards and has taken the approach that advertising on Facebook pages needs to comply with determinations made by the Board.

In very few cases where an advertiser does not comply voluntarily with a determination by the Board, Facebook has agreed it will remove an ad or marketing communication in line with its advertising guidelines: "Advertisers are responsible for ensuring that their ads comply with all applicable laws, statutes, and regulations.”

Facebook will review all complaints that the ASB refers to them in relation to content that is posted on Facebook for compliance with their policies. If there is content that is posted on a Facebook Page that violates the AANA Code of Ethics or another relevant code, and that is the subject of an upheld complaint to the ASB, which is not removed by the advertiser, then Facebook will take steps to ensure that it is not available out of respect for the applicable Australian regulations.

If you still haven’t made use of this potential yet, then it’s high time you start now. The advantage of using a social networking site as a tool is that you have access to a wide range of audience and most importantly, it’s free and will always be. Where else will you find such a free method for generating leads and traffic in the most efficient manner? Facebook also comes with a wide range of features and tools for people who are looking at using it as a tool for promotion and gaining exposure. If you are still confident on how to proceed, we strongly recommend that you make use of this service by contacting Avaplus, which is a great platform for people who are looking for help with social media and promotion. This product can be considered as an assistant that you have never had and can help you with all your questions and queries about how things can be done to promote your product. There are several advantages of using Avaplus, and the idea of virtual assistant ensures that you only need to pay for a number of working hours making it a cost effective solution. To conclude, Avaplus will also help you understand the real power of social media.

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