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Social Media Through Facebook – Great For Your Business

Did you know that Australian businesses use Facebook more than any other social media for advertising and social relations?
The businesses using Facebook accounts in their social media find that it is giving them a more direct experience with their business to connect via social media. After all, we all know how easy it is to create a business page. I'm really enjoying my business Facebook page, so convenient
Abilities of Facebook in social media
• Business News
• New Products
• Offers
• Coupons
• Like my page
• Promote my page
• The Call to Action Buttons (currently my favourite)

Facebook offers an easy ad service that takes just a few minutes to set up with affordable, ads that have advertising costs. Facebook is just the beginning when it comes to social media outlets.
Social media should be a vital part of any marketing campaign and should be treated with the same respect as print and television advertising. There should be a well thought out social media campaign for every business. Social media has the power to connect a local business with customers around the world, and still have that local feeling with customers thousands of miles away.
Before your business begins posting on social media outlets, make sure your employees understand that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has taken a small role in how businesses use their social media accounts. All the request is, to make sure to give honest and relevant information about the business and any deals the company offers. Also, making sure to remove any untrue comments others may make about the company, or to be responsible for the content on their web pages.
Did you know, Pinterest is the next big thing with over 10 million users in social media as of 2014 and growing? Second to Facebook only in referral traffic of consumers. Pinterest usually has a more creative side to it, pretty pictures, and helpful videos. Showing pictures of products and leading people to company websites. These images improve search engine optimisation and help consumers quickly show pictures of their favourite products and businesses another great invention for social media
Abilities of Pinterest.

• You can "Pin" pictures,
• Content,
• Videos.
Your businesses can sign up for an account for marketing and advertising purposes, which is not available on some of the other popular photo sharing websites.
Your business can use Pinterest on your websites, and blogs so that others can share their content with each other through their social media.

Pinterest is a fast-growing social media at this time, and they are creating new tools for business, which began some 18 months ago. It has been well documented that Pinterest can drive traffic to your website. Now that's something we really don't want to miss out on do we. Pinterest brings more referral traffic to your website than other known sources of social media including Google.
Then we have of course our famous Twitter. We see it all over the place now. I remember first hearing about it on those famous American shows, now we are using it for our business in social media marketing, and it has fast become a great marketing and networking resource for our business. Twitter has been growing since the end of last year in Australia when they started offering up ads to Australian businesses. Although Twitter is a good tool for connecting with customers. Twitter offers an awesome platform for offering direct customer service and resolving issues with customers. Twitter is mainly news and entertainment related, but businesses use it just the same.
Abilities of Twitter
• Instant customer feedback
• Your news, blog or information will be retweeted – great for getting the word out there
• Latest updates are available on twitter regarding your business.
• Because twitter is viral, it makes for a great marketing tool
• Tweeting can help increase the sales in your business…

Why not try it and see for your self

Twitter is engaging, fun and good for your business, which like all social media can drive traffic to your Facebook.

Linked In
The professional social media network, LinkedIn, can be beneficial to companies. It offers a great place to mingle with other businesses. I find it the professional platform that LinkedIn offers is a bit like have a 'living' resume. Offering a more professional and business-minded focus for your profile and those of your Linked in Associations. I like Linked In because I can keep it updated, refreshed, and of course, link my other social media platforms and website to my profile to keep it current.
Abilities of Linked in
• Check out potential employees,
• Offer up services and products to other businesses.
• Connect with like-minded professional
• Link in with discussion groups on the same platform as your business and interests
• LinkedIn also provides a wonderful network with colleagues who can lead to beneficial outcomes for yourself, your business, and your associates.

Companies can use the site to advertising for the talent they need and get recommendations. Think of it as a living resume, where people can recommend each other based on skills. It gives a platform to make real business connections.
The secret to keeping things 'alive' on your social media platforms is to keep them active, interact with your followers and those you are following. Watch, learn, and share of yourself and others.
Don't let time be the reason that you don't give yourself and your business this supercharge and opportunity to market, network, and profit.
Outsourcing is cost-effective and a great way deal with this, keep you free of the stress of time, and up-to-date with your vital Social Media.

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