Why use a Transcriptionist in your business even if you aren’t a Lawyer or Doctor?


Throughout the years, transcription has gone through many changes,  However, the basics remain the same—you speak, we type.

Why use a transcriptionist?  Because we do it better, faster and more efficiently.

Back in the day, typists would sit at their typewriters and type as their employers spoke.  This was also how many books were written.  While it was the best option for the time, transcription is now better and far more efficient than it has ever been before.

More Than Typing

These days, a transcriptionist can offer more than typing what you speak.

They can:

  • turn your script into a blog,
  • highlight certain data,
  • create a document that will be easy to read and understand.  (They do this by highlighting and dot pointing certain data, allowing the important parts to stand out.)
  • Transcribe a video, workshop or presentation so that you can re-purpose the content.

It has become an easier task to find someone to transcribe your thoughts, medical notes, medical meetings, or legal papers.

Having said that, it’s all well and good to say it’s easier, however knowing what you are looking for, how it works, and what to expect, will help in narrowing down your search for a transcriptionist.

Transcription services are also a great deal more important than most people acknowledge. This can be one of the important steps that you make towards becoming a leader in the industry yourself.  When utilising all the tools and services that are provided to you, your chance of succeeding will be much higher than ever before.

Outsourcing your transcription will give you a higher return in your business, by freeing up your time to get on with your business. It will also free up your staff to perform at their highest level with their existing skills.

The reasons why you should use a Transcriptionist in your business.

Clean Transcript

why use a transcriptionist

Your transcriptionist can attend to the grammar and punctuation of your transcription, which will present you with an easy to read document. This is preferred way of having your transcriptionist type your audio files making your transcripts easier to read and glean the necessary information from

Focus Groups


Will be easier to report on as your transcriptionist will outline the speakers, what they say and how they say it. This will help to bring back to mind some of the important items of the focus group that could easily be forgotten. Reading the script will also make your reporting a lot easier as the words are already there, you just need to map them according to the subject.

Medical Transcription

medical transcription

A doctor will dictate their patient’s notes and the transcriptionist will do their magic by transcribing those notes. They will then send them back to the administration staff, who will then send the notes off in the format that is required. This saves the staff a lot of time, because the transcriptionist will have the correct software for transcribing, as well as not having the interruptions that can occur in a working surgery

Legal Transcription

legal transcription

When you receive the audio file of your court proceedings your transcriptionist can easily type the information for you. This allows you to concentrate on the important tasks of Law, and your transcript will allow you to read the proceedings and make your case in an easier fashion.

Meetings and Conferences
meetings and conferences


Transcribing services are very important for all sorts of meetings and webinars because of the many benefits they provide such as providing a physical record of what was said and agreed upon. Everyone can then have a copy of what was said.


Who is Avaplus

Avaplus provides accurate transcription services, typing services for businesses, spanning across universities, local councils, medical, and the Legal profession


Why Choose Avaplus?

Transcription is a specialised service and Avaplus will guarantee minimal turnaround times, be reliable and cost effective.
Avaplus is the line to your freedom, we are passionate about our service to you. By outsourcing your transcription, it will give you peace of mind at an affordable rate.
Stop struggling with getting it all done yourself.


For peace of mind, and a smoother flow to your work and business.


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