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High Quality Business

High Quality Business

How A High-Quality Business will turn your business and thinking right around!

Let’s face it to run a virtual home based, business has its challenges. There is so much to think of and many details that we need to have in place to ‘get things right’.

There are policies, procedures and many wheels in the background that keep the essentials of our business in place and safe for our consumers.

Taking up so much of our time chasing forms and paper work and all the bits and pieces involved often leave us feeling like we really need help.

Chasing our tail with paper work holds us back from pursuing what we do best in delivering the best and safest service to our consumers.

So how can we do this?

How can we keep abreast of what the essentials and non-essentials are in running our business and keeping abreast of High Quality in our Services?


How can we stay ahead?
how can we stay ahead

If you are a qualified high-quality business. Then staying ahead of unforeseen probabilities that can trip us up and hold us back from ‘achieving our end goal’ will become a seamless task. It can be that tiny little-unfinished start that rolls into a mountain of problems. Or time consuming variables down the track.

Avaplus has completed the Quality Business Programme.    We are now running our Transcription Services and operating at a virtual Business level with much more success.   We strongly recommend this program.  The Quality Business Program is essential if you are starting your Business, or contemplating starting your own Virtual or home-based business.

Invest in your business by taking up this Quality Business Programme. Remember you are not qualifying yourself or your staff.  You are qualifying your Business to run at a higher level of excellence and reliability.

Avaplus has definitely gained momentum by doing the quality business programme.


Our clients at Avaplus have a safeguard in place.   Practising high quality standards giving us more assurance that as a virtual business we can still provide the necessary value and protocols, they would expect from a subcontractor.

Marketing escalates:

When people are researching you and your business, they will discover there is a double standard of excellence on which they can rely. They will know that, not only have they checked out the Virtual Assistant running and working in the business but, they can see the business they are engaging is Quality endorsed. Not just displayed in our QBP logo but the way we do Business.

Business Growth

The confidence in the freedom which Avaplus has gained through the Audit of the Quality Business Program has been achieved through the efficient streamlining of those necessary tasks that can hold us back or keep us double checking. Instead, we can focus on engaging our clients in a smooth transition to helping our clients achieve what they need through our services.

The process of the audit can feel a little daunting and eye-opening at the time.

Outcomes for Avaplus

Before Avaplus approached the last few steps of the Quality Programme and receiving QBP badge, the business has grown. We are now closing the deal with clients at a faster rate than we have before. Why? Because we now have the confidence we didn’t have before.

My Outcomes

I continue to confidently take ownership of my business practices.  High Quality Business practice assists in attending to those loose ends. Ensuring that Avaplus has the protocols set in place that is so necessary.

I am now able to connect with other proud business owners who are also taking this important step in their business and network on a different level.

Is this for your business?

check out the Quality Buisness Programme

Quality Virtual Business Program

To find out WHY you should do a Quality Audit on your business.

follow this link

What Does AAVIP Quality Approved Virtual Program Mean to Clients

How to convert your busines to a Quality Business

Please contact Australian Association for Virtual Professionals (AAVIP)

Stay In Touch!


To Your Success!

Judy Small – Avaplus



Why use a Transcriptionist in your business even if you aren’t a Lawyer or Doctor?


Throughout the years, transcription has gone through many changes,  However, the basics remain the same—you speak, we type.

Why use a transcriptionist?  Because we do it better, faster and more efficiently.

Back in the day, typists would sit at their typewriters and type as their employers spoke.  This was also how many books were written.  While it was the best option for the time, transcription is now better and far more efficient than it has ever been before.

More Than Typing

These days, a transcriptionist can offer more than typing what you speak.

They can:

  • turn your script into a blog,
  • highlight certain data,
  • create a document that will be easy to read and understand.  (They do this by highlighting and dot pointing certain data, allowing the important parts to stand out.)
  • Transcribe a video, workshop or presentation so that you can re-purpose the content.

It has become an easier task to find someone to transcribe your thoughts, medical notes, medical meetings, or legal papers.

Having said that, it’s all well and good to say it’s easier, however knowing what you are looking for, how it works, and what to expect, will help in narrowing down your search for a transcriptionist.

Transcription services are also a great deal more important than most people acknowledge. This can be one of the important steps that you make towards becoming a leader in the industry yourself.  When utilising all the tools and services that are provided to you, your chance of succeeding will be much higher than ever before.

Outsourcing your transcription will give you a higher return in your business, by freeing up your time to get on with your business. It will also free up your staff to perform at their highest level with their existing skills.

The reasons why you should use a Transcriptionist in your business.

Clean Transcript

why use a transcriptionist

Your transcriptionist can attend to the grammar and punctuation of your transcription, which will present you with an easy to read document. This is preferred way of having your transcriptionist type your audio files making your transcripts easier to read and glean the necessary information from

Focus Groups


Will be easier to report on as your transcriptionist will outline the speakers, what they say and how they say it. This will help to bring back to mind some of the important items of the focus group that could easily be forgotten. Reading the script will also make your reporting a lot easier as the words are already there, you just need to map them according to the subject.

Medical Transcription

medical transcription

A doctor will dictate their patient’s notes and the transcriptionist will do their magic by transcribing those notes. They will then send them back to the administration staff, who will then send the notes off in the format that is required. This saves the staff a lot of time, because the transcriptionist will have the correct software for transcribing, as well as not having the interruptions that can occur in a working surgery

Legal Transcription

legal transcription

When you receive the audio file of your court proceedings your transcriptionist can easily type the information for you. This allows you to concentrate on the important tasks of Law, and your transcript will allow you to read the proceedings and make your case in an easier fashion.

Meetings and Conferences
meetings and conferences


Transcribing services are very important for all sorts of meetings and webinars because of the many benefits they provide such as providing a physical record of what was said and agreed upon. Everyone can then have a copy of what was said.


Who is Avaplus

Avaplus provides accurate transcription services, typing services for businesses, spanning across universities, local councils, medical, and the Legal profession


Why Choose Avaplus?

Transcription is a specialised service and Avaplus will guarantee minimal turnaround times, be reliable and cost effective.
Avaplus is the line to your freedom, we are passionate about our service to you. By outsourcing your transcription, it will give you peace of mind at an affordable rate.
Stop struggling with getting it all done yourself.


For peace of mind, and a smoother flow to your work and business.


Five ways to get traffic with Twitter

Are you struggling with Twitter? - join the club!

Tweeting for your blog is powerful and tweeting your blogs is a great way to get exposure. Use your creativity and connect with more people.

The five steps below will help you to break your twitter usage down and make it helpful.

1. The dreaded #####hashtags

#Hastage is crucial on Twitter. Hashtags allow you to label your content, making it searchable. It’s one of the best ways to get your content seen by Twitter followers who are searching for specific keywords you have used. Hashtags enhance your tweets visibility and engagement even with people who are not following you.

Write your #hashtags as a single word. E.g.


2. Tweet a lot!

Updates on Twitter often disappear so tweet those #hashtags often to get that message out. It’s not unusual to tweet 3-4 times a day. Spread tweets over the hours you know your target audience will notice and a reminder out of hours as a gentle reminder. Tweeting several times will help you reach your social audience.

3. Be engaging

Tweeting is all about engaging with your target audience. The more you engage with your audience, the better your chances of increasing your traffic. By engaging with others through tweeting, sharing and retweeting, your influence on Twitter will quickly grow.

Also, retweeting other people’s posts increases your chances of getting retweeted in return further increasing your reach.

4. Be Visual- Be Seen

Twitter now features visual content; it’s no longer text only. Adding visual content will increase your chances of being shared by more and more people.

Posting graphics that stand above others will go a long way in helping you get more traffic.

5. Don’t forget your Call to Action
Every aspect of marketing requires a well-formulated call to action.

Let your followers know exactly what you want them to do - download your new eBook, or read your latest blog post.

Use your call to action button so they can engage and download your content.
For more information on AAVIP, please check us out we would love to hear from you.

Judy Small-President
Australian Association for Virtual Professional Industry Pty Ltd.

Social Media

Social Media Through Facebook – Great For Your Business

Did you know that Australian businesses use Facebook more than any other social media for advertising and social relations?
The businesses using Facebook accounts in their social media find that it is giving them a more direct experience with their business to connect via social media. After all, we all know how easy it is to create a business page. I'm really enjoying my business Facebook page, so convenient
Abilities of Facebook in social media
• Business News
• New Products
• Offers
• Coupons
• Like my page
• Promote my page
• The Call to Action Buttons (currently my favourite)

Facebook offers an easy ad service that takes just a few minutes to set up with affordable, ads that have advertising costs. Facebook is just the beginning when it comes to social media outlets.
Social media should be a vital part of any marketing campaign and should be treated with the same respect as print and television advertising. There should be a well thought out social media campaign for every business. Social media has the power to connect a local business with customers around the world, and still have that local feeling with customers thousands of miles away.
Before your business begins posting on social media outlets, make sure your employees understand that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has taken a small role in how businesses use their social media accounts. All the request is, to make sure to give honest and relevant information about the business and any deals the company offers. Also, making sure to remove any untrue comments others may make about the company, or to be responsible for the content on their web pages.
Did you know, Pinterest is the next big thing with over 10 million users in social media as of 2014 and growing? Second to Facebook only in referral traffic of consumers. Pinterest usually has a more creative side to it, pretty pictures, and helpful videos. Showing pictures of products and leading people to company websites. These images improve search engine optimisation and help consumers quickly show pictures of their favourite products and businesses another great invention for social media
Abilities of Pinterest.

• You can "Pin" pictures,
• Content,
• Videos.
Your businesses can sign up for an account for marketing and advertising purposes, which is not available on some of the other popular photo sharing websites.
Your business can use Pinterest on your websites, and blogs so that others can share their content with each other through their social media.

Pinterest is a fast-growing social media at this time, and they are creating new tools for business, which began some 18 months ago. It has been well documented that Pinterest can drive traffic to your website. Now that's something we really don't want to miss out on do we. Pinterest brings more referral traffic to your website than other known sources of social media including Google.
Then we have of course our famous Twitter. We see it all over the place now. I remember first hearing about it on those famous American shows, now we are using it for our business in social media marketing, and it has fast become a great marketing and networking resource for our business. Twitter has been growing since the end of last year in Australia when they started offering up ads to Australian businesses. Although Twitter is a good tool for connecting with customers. Twitter offers an awesome platform for offering direct customer service and resolving issues with customers. Twitter is mainly news and entertainment related, but businesses use it just the same.
Abilities of Twitter
• Instant customer feedback
• Your news, blog or information will be retweeted – great for getting the word out there
• Latest updates are available on twitter regarding your business.
• Because twitter is viral, it makes for a great marketing tool
• Tweeting can help increase the sales in your business…

Why not try it and see for your self

Twitter is engaging, fun and good for your business, which like all social media can drive traffic to your Facebook.

Linked In
The professional social media network, LinkedIn, can be beneficial to companies. It offers a great place to mingle with other businesses. I find it the professional platform that LinkedIn offers is a bit like have a 'living' resume. Offering a more professional and business-minded focus for your profile and those of your Linked in Associations. I like Linked In because I can keep it updated, refreshed, and of course, link my other social media platforms and website to my profile to keep it current.
Abilities of Linked in
• Check out potential employees,
• Offer up services and products to other businesses.
• Connect with like-minded professional
• Link in with discussion groups on the same platform as your business and interests
• LinkedIn also provides a wonderful network with colleagues who can lead to beneficial outcomes for yourself, your business, and your associates.

Companies can use the site to advertising for the talent they need and get recommendations. Think of it as a living resume, where people can recommend each other based on skills. It gives a platform to make real business connections.
The secret to keeping things 'alive' on your social media platforms is to keep them active, interact with your followers and those you are following. Watch, learn, and share of yourself and others.
Don't let time be the reason that you don't give yourself and your business this supercharge and opportunity to market, network, and profit.
Outsourcing is cost-effective and a great way deal with this, keep you free of the stress of time, and up-to-date with your vital Social Media.

Face Book

Social Media – Facebook for Business – A Revolution!!!

In the present day, there could only be a handful of people in business, who are not aware of the existence of the popular social networking site Facebook for their Business and Social Media. It is one of those sites that created a huge impact globally soon after it was launched and today, almost every individual visits this website at least once a day. While the statistics in each country may vary, it is evident that the social networking sites have influenced the life of plenty of people worldwide in different ways. With the popularity of Facebook, of the site hitting its peak, companies have started to make use of this social networking site as a way for branding and advertising purposes.

For a business that is looking at reaching out to a greater target audience, this would definitely not just be a good choice to consider but has become a MUST in its popularity. Facebook has managed to generate in a very short while. As per the statistics provided by a source, there currently over 14 million active users in Australia alone. This huge number in itself is the sign of not just the kind of potential Facebook holds in the world of advertisement and social media promotion, but how business has, and are wisely moving their successful marketing strategies by making use of the interactive advantages of Facebook in its Social Media Marketing.

Facebook has become more user-friendly over the time, and this has established a more efficient way of conducting business, marketing business and overall use this Social media. Of course, we know that any time-saving device or medium in business = $ signs to our profit margin.

Responsibilities of using Facebook in your Social Media.

As with everything we market in our business, there is responsibilities and awareness that we need to take into consideration. I have come across a very interesting article from the Advertising Standards Bureau and have included a section of their blog in Understanding digital and social Media Marketing addressing Compliance with Code breach determinations.

Compliance with Code breach determinations

A successful self-regulation system relies on the goodwill of advertisers. Responsible advertisers will ensure they are aware of the standards for advertising and, if they have complaints about one of their advertisements upheld, will ensure that the affected advertising or marketing material is removed promptly. The advertising, self-regulation system has a compliance rate of almost 100% (98.7% in 2013). The social media environment is no different to traditional media regarding compliance expectations. Facebook too is supportive of ensuring advertising and marketing content meets relevant Australian standards and has taken the approach that advertising on Facebook pages needs to comply with determinations made by the Board.

In very few cases where an advertiser does not comply voluntarily with a determination by the Board, Facebook has agreed it will remove an ad or marketing communication in line with its advertising guidelines: "Advertisers are responsible for ensuring that their ads comply with all applicable laws, statutes, and regulations.”

Facebook will review all complaints that the ASB refers to them in relation to content that is posted on Facebook for compliance with their policies. If there is content that is posted on a Facebook Page that violates the AANA Code of Ethics or another relevant code, and that is the subject of an upheld complaint to the ASB, which is not removed by the advertiser, then Facebook will take steps to ensure that it is not available out of respect for the applicable Australian regulations.

If you still haven’t made use of this potential yet, then it’s high time you start now. The advantage of using a social networking site as a tool is that you have access to a wide range of audience and most importantly, it’s free and will always be. Where else will you find such a free method for generating leads and traffic in the most efficient manner? Facebook also comes with a wide range of features and tools for people who are looking at using it as a tool for promotion and gaining exposure. If you are still confident on how to proceed, we strongly recommend that you make use of this service by contacting Avaplus, which is a great platform for people who are looking for help with social media and promotion. This product can be considered as an assistant that you have never had and can help you with all your questions and queries about how things can be done to promote your product. There are several advantages of using Avaplus, and the idea of virtual assistant ensures that you only need to pay for a number of working hours making it a cost effective solution. To conclude, Avaplus will also help you understand the real power of social media.

Avaplus: Taking Your Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google Plus Forward.

Clean Data

Clean Data, Good CRM


Right now, that error in the street name might seem like a simple typo. Who does not make typos? Does it really matter if we enter John E Smith alternatively as John Edward Smith? Is it important whether we write the apartment number as STE 310 or STE #310? Christine sometimes hyphenates her last name and sometimes she does not, and Mary has changed her last name four times in five years. Who can keep up?

Well, if these are your customers, your customer relationship management (CRM) system needs to keep up with all of this, and here’s why.


As I have written previously here on Avaplus, your CRM is the foundation of your communication with your clients. If configured and updated correctly your CRM system can be used for many invaluable time-saving functions including task lists, integrations and effective marketing. If a number of corrections need to be made each time a report is run, the time-saving benefits are lost.


Whether you have full-time staff or are using remote specialists and virtual assistants, everyone using your database needs to be able to trust the data when they run marketing reports, email lists and mailings. Kerryn Sonnet, of Virtually There, Zoho consultant and CRM Guru, explains that although the account managers that attracted and are currently handling the customers may know those customers in person, it is a fact of business that staff to move on. Their knowledge needs to be virtually retained accurately in your CRM system so that the next account manager or VA will be able to trust the data and have confidence in the reports that are produced.

Customers also need to be able to trust your data integrity. Errors in your communication to a customer gives the impression that you either do not know what you are doing, or that you do not care about their needs.


A small data entry error can result in duplicate account creation, can cause embarrassing errors, such as having multiple sales representative’s follow-up with the same customer. This results in reduced productivity and unnecessary expenses.

At Avaplus I can help you manage your time and productivity while building trust with your internal and external customers. Let me show you how!


Why Your CRM IS Important

Your CRM can perform more functions for your business than just holding the data on your clients, which is why information you put into your CRM is important.

Task Lists

You can go in and create a task list and your CRM is able to assist you perform on that level.


Your CRM can integrate with your social media e.g. Linkedin making it a must in today’s growing electronic and digital marketing, Invoicing and Business tasks.

Effective Marketing

Your CRM will keep all your data in one place which creates successf marketing with your email, or telephone based marketing campaigns. Your CRM enables your marketing campaigns to be managed effectively and in a timely manner.

Time Moderator

You do not want to be in a situation where you are sifting through endless bounced emails to find that some of your contacts moved on quite some time ago.

Information Base at your fingertips

When utilised the right way your CRM is your personal information and action centre through all aspects of your business at the press of a button.

Your CRM can take a lot of pressure off your time, staff, and business due to the implementation of the software. Your CRM can keep a proficient bookkeeping system in place and will create accuracy. This adds a layer of depth to your corporate chain, due to the efficiency and the ability your CRM to collect data, tools and stats which positively affect sales growth,leading to a positive result at the end of the year.